My Replacement Assistance Trucks

Today we are happy to introduce you to My Replacement Assistance Trucks!

The Addon replace all default assistance catering and fuel trucks in your Flight Simulator!

Four different types of trucks and 35 liveries that will populate your world.

All trucks are fully functional, and hook perfectly to your plane, using Flight Simulator’s new technical standard.

View animated actors refueling you, or using the catering truck’s elevator to deliver food, this adding an extra touch of realism!

One package for the whole world, you don’t need anything else for refueling or catering.

The trucks are medium in size to fit all types of aircraft and and airports, from the largest to the smallest.

The package is compatible with other similar ones, it only replaces two vehicle category (refueling and catering truck).

Real PBR Materials. Animated truck with driver. Trucks active, when refueling or load the food the related animations are loaded.

Lighting with attention to detail, such as rotating lights and spotlights that turn on in the right context.

10 Real liveries of catering companies are included. The catering truck is set up to reach the door of the tallest planes.

For PC and XBOX

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