Workflows on textures and modeling, what changes with the new Flight Simulator.

I see a lot of product previews for the new simulator, unfortunately the new lighting system and a complete adoption of PBR is sometimes cruel to detect non-PBR materials … The creation of a correct material does not go through Photoshop, but is produced by software such as Substance Painter. The workflow is not fast and simple, for a good result you need to have the same model in low and high resolution to allow the software to calculate the normals and all the maps you need. Porting of non-pbr material, perhaps creating the roughness map in Photoshop, produces bad results.

O ‘Hare uses only PBR textures derived from high resolution models, no textures are produced in Photosop manually, that’s why it is a native product for Flight Simulator.

(left) high resolution model, used to create textures, which are then used on the model for the simulator (right)

Texture ready for export to the simulator.

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