Reichenbach LSGR scenery!

7 thoughts on “Reichenbach LSGR scenery!

  1. Hello

    Your Reichenbach Scenery looks very very nice!
    Are they available as a download?
    I live near Reichenbach and I am very interested in your scenery.

    Thank you for your Answer


    1. Hi. Scenery looks great. I couldn’t find it on the MSFS marketplace. Where can I purchase it?

  2. Hello ! great scenery, very accurate ! Wold it be possible, as an option, to have a scenery version without the c208 parked outside and without the other c208 parked in the hangar ? Thank you for your reply !

  3. Thank you for your reply. Wouldn ‘t be possible the pack them as an option (compiled separately from the main scenery ?). If not, just one is ok I think. I think it would be great to let the main hangar empty of plane, so we can park your own plane. What do you think ?

    Best wishes for 2022 !

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